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    Terrance Wild
    Worst decision we ever made was using the Abbey Lofts Partnership. Their workers are a group of subcontractors and it's the luck of the draw who you get. Project managers and directors are some of the worst people I have ever met. We paid them £70k for work mostly in cash as their director requested but the building control has confirmed that they cannot sign off on the work as it's not in compliance with the regulations. Our bedroom ceiling fell in due to them not sealing the loft bathroom correctly which caused a leak. They put cement all over the driveway and promised to sort it out but never did. I am prepared to show photos of our driveway to anyone thinking of using this partnership. Do so at your peril.
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    Jane Lyle
    We have been embroiled in a legal battle with this abbey partnership (they also call themselves Abbey Lofts and various sites) for almost 2 years because the roofing work was so badly executed that the roof leaked constantly and needed to be replaced after only 15 months. During all this time we've had constant leeks and so lots of water damage to have put right including the loss of irreplaceable items ruined. Things were so wet that we moved out for a while. Doing it with abbey has been a big headache, costing thousands to put right. They sent us untrained builders who were unskilled and it took far longer than we expected from start to finish, 9 months in total and now 30 months later we have a leak, cracks everywhere and the balcony doors are not installed properly. The sales rep wasn't straight up with us and the job cost £10,800 more than he promised and unfortunately, this director owner of the business gets much of the money upfront in cash then does not give 2 hoots thereafter. We tried to get the various matters resolved with an arbitrator but these people lie about everything to everyone, it seems to be their strong point so unfortunately, we had to move to the high court. You could save yourselves much aggravation by checking out your loft company before parting with any cash. I know this now and wish I would have done likewise. Beware of this disgusting company.
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    Laura Williams
    We just had a dreadful experience having The Abbey Partnership undertake construction of our loft conversion. Apart from the bad workmanship completed by their subcontractors (we had continual problems with water ingression causing leaks into the bedrooms below the loft), these workmen were very thuggish and threatened my teenage son. They also deliberately damaged the family car on the driveway, this after repeated arguments about the scheduled payments.
    The salesman was the only competent member of the company though we subsequently learnt that much of what he told us was dubious. For example, he said the company had been trading for 16 years but when we checked out the company records, we discovered that the Abbey Partnership was only established on 27th November 2013 so this was an untruth. The company is operated from the same offices as their other company, the previously dissolved Abbey Lofts.
    Another questionable piece of information for all to see on this company's website is that they call themselves, "Abbey Partnership, part of the Abbey Group". Well, there isn't any group that I've been able to find and Abbey Lofts was dissolved in 2016. The company owner has written on this website that "he cares greatly about clients". I didn't find this to be true either. My complaints were met with insults and vulgarity. The worst company that I have ever known and dealt with, definitely to be avoided like the plague.
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